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Here’s my Day in the Life; a perfect lazy Sunday.

Have a luxury lie-in until midday when I get up, reluctantly. I laze on the sofa, cuddling into Lee and drinking a cup of chamomile tea. I am sleepy and relaxed.

We make smoothies with banana, tinned strawberries in fruit juice and frozen mixed berries. Cold and refreshing. Back onto the sofa to enjoy them and watch Shipwrecked – which I hate, but can’t help but watch.

I call my Mum and catch up on the week’s news. It’s nice to speak to her after a few days away.

I go and check my emails, blogs and the usual web favourites. Chat to Claire on MSN – she’s finally back from Bankok – yay!

I go for a shower while Lee cooks veggie fingers and Quorn burgers. We eat them in pitta bread with tomato ketchup.

The next few hours are spent organising washing, surfing, watching tennis, and general weekend pottering. I also take a look at our new backgammon set Рthe instructions appear clear, but on further reading become confusing! I decide to focus on learning the game with a clear mind.

Lee cooks dinner – pasta and green pesto with smoked salmon and vegetables. He also makes a huge pot of minestrone soup in the pressure cooker. I like the ritual of the pressure cooker; waiting for the boil and hiss of steam and the constant noise reminding you that food is being cooked, until you decide to let the final blast of steam pour out.

We eat dinner and watch the Wimbledon men’s final. Towards the end of the game, Fiona calls and we have a chat with a pause for me to SQUEAL as Nedal wins the tournament.

The night ends with us watching the movie Into the Wild. Beautifully shot and a fantastic script – lyrical voiceovers help build the story. It is incredibly satisfying to watch a film that hits the spot.

Off to bed…..

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