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Here is my Day in the Life as chosen by Claire.

8.45am Jump awake with fright for unknown reason. After a bad sleep last night, I try to get some more rest.

9.45am Alarm goes off. Press snooze button.

9.55am Alarm goes off. Get up and wander about the house, getting myself a cup of fruit tea and trying to waken up.

10.05am Phone my sister to find out how she’s doing. Arrange to go and visit her in the afternoon.

10.15-12.10pm Feeling rather ill today, I decide to take it slowly. Spend the remainder of the morning showering, checking email, chatting on MSN and getting some housework done. I treat myself to half hour on Animal Crossing – YAY I won the Flower Fest and got a trophy.

12.15pm Phone a contact for my research work and am delighted he agrees to let me interview him straight away. He’s very helpful and interesting which always helps.

12.50pm Heat up burger (Lee made amazing homemade burgers yesterday) in oven and go to tidy some clean clothes away.

1pm Straighten hair. Now my hair is short it takes hardly any time. GHDs- I still love you. Put on makeup.

1.10pm Eat burger. Yummy!

1.20pm Tidy the house some more, leave to drive to my sister’s house.

1.35pm Arrive at Suzanne’s. She coos at my new hair (always gives me a boost to get hair admiration!). Little Josh is sitting on the floor with cushions all around him. He’s laughing and smiling and managing to stay upright….and he’s falling back. And he’s up again, smiling, and he’s back down again. I tickle him and call him a weeble (weebles wobble but they don’t fall down) and he tips forwards again.

1.40pm Suzanne realises the baby car seat is in her husband’s car, so we can’t go to the carpet shop. But neither of us are too bothered and decide to just hang out.

1.45pm-3.50pm We chat, fuss over Josh, have a coffee and catch up. I feel tired again and decide to drive home before I get too sleepy.

4.10pm Back home the sun is streaming into the kitchen, but the house feels cold. Switch on heating.

4.20pm Have a quick chat with my Dad and find out all the Fife gossip.

4.35pm Decide I need to lie down. Set alarm for 35 minutes. Cannot sleep, but close my eyes and rest.

5pm Get up and wander about the house feeling a bit disorientated. Spend some time tidying out my bedroom. The chest of drawers is covered in bits of paper and random objects, so I tackle the mess. I spend a lot of time clearing out my jewellery box and badge box. Find lots of pretty things I’m not fussed about but decide my niece Eva will like. Put them in a spare box and keep them for her. I remember the delight of being giving sparkly costume jewellery as a child and think she will enjoy playing dress up with beads and hairbands.

6pm Put some wholewheat pasta on for dinner. My wonderful husband made bolannaise sauce yesterday, so I am delighted I don’t have to cook. I go back to finish dusting and polishing the bedroom.

6.15pm Dinner is served! It’s yummy, but my tastebuds must be dodgy as I cannot taste the six cloves of garlic Lee put in the sauce. Yes, SIX cloves of garlic.

6.45pm Lee drags me out for a walk. It is beautiful and sunny and I push myself to feel motivated. We take a slow walk to the park and Lee takes photos on the way. We wander about the park. As we head home my legs slowly decide to stiffen and ache, so the last part I feel a little like the Tin Man.

7.25pm Change into tracksuit and sit myself down on the sofa.

7.40pm Realise Lee has left the camera charger at work. The camera doesn’t work and needs to be returned to Canon tomorrow. (Thanks you Citylink for collecting it between 9am and 5pm, how accurate.) So I put my jeans back on and we head over to Lee’s work to pick up the charger. I go along just for the fun of it.

8.15pm We are back home. Settle on sofa. Watch Delia. What are you thinking woman? I shout at the tv many times over. My reliable cook has gone a bit odd. If you are going to cheat – buy a ready meal. If you are going to cook – follow a basic, classic Delia recipe, they are foolproof.

8.45pm Give up on Delia. Phone Audrey for a quick catch-up.

8.55pm Sort out some treasury business for the craft group.

9pm Watch programme on addiction. Very interesting.

10pm until bedtime…the rest of the night is spent watching TV, surfing the internet and doing the dishes.

Not the most exciting or glamourous of days, but I enjoyed myself.


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The daffodils are now out in force in my front garden. Against the green hedge they are bold yellow and sway alongside the green shoots which have failed to flower. Little blue flowers are peaking out of the pots, though less than I hoped; I blame my local squirrel for rummaging and messing about with my bulbs.

I’m hoping to use my vintage flower press (given to me by Lee for Christmas) to preserve some of the flowers – I must remember to cut some before they die. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the flowers once they are dry. I imagine they will look sweet on cards – but any other ideas would be welcome. Last year I had my wedding bouquet dried and some of the flowers framed. I collected them from Bonnyton Designs a couple of weeks ago. The result is pretty and a nice keepsake. I can’t remember the names of all the flowers used, but I love the blue thistles and roses together – fresh they were luscious and dried they have an aged, vintage look. The lady from Bonnyton Designs rather kindly gave me a large box containing the rest of the wedding flowers, dried and ready to use. Any more ideas? They are not flattened, just dried. I would like to reuse them as I love their colour and texture.

On a less flowery note, I don’t have much gossip. My leisure time has been filled with easy entertainment – TV. Perfect. Shallow, clever, glossy, realistic, mysterious, glamourous. Whatever. My current favourites include: Dexter, Point Pleasant, Gossip Girl, Torchwood and the Apprentice. BBC iplayer is my friend. The latest series of Lost is amazing! Still frustrating as ever, but a pain I’m willing to endure as the mystery unfolds or gets more tangled.

As part of the re-organising plan, we have a new printer set up and ready to go. It was £35 but looks rather snazzy. It is incredibly hard choosing a basic, good quality printer so I resorted to the same model my parents own. Though I am rather sad to see my old printer go. It’s been a trooper, here from the year 2000 when we first moved to Glasgow. It managed to grunt and groan its way into printing our wedding invitations and thank you cards. It survived many art projects and CV prints, university essays and song tabs. Like a grumpy old man, it did make a fuss when prompted to print – back and forth several times before deciding to take the paper, then pause, not take the paper and start all over again. Sadly, I have resorted to personifying my printer. Once more my sentimentality is getting out of control…


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    10.30am Wake up and wonder where I am. This happens every day, I have no idea why, as I always am at home.

    10.35am Get up and go to toilet, go back to be with post and examine credit card bill.

    10.45am Fall asleep.

    12noon Wake up and wonder where I am.

    12.15pm Phone Lee (at his friend’s house) and complain that I am grumpy. “I don’t want to be crabby!” I moan down the phone as he laughs at me.

    12.30pm Hear rattling noises. Peer out of blinds to see window cleaner is fast approaching. Decide a must get a shower before he gets near our house. I, rather smugly, wash my own windows and have no need for a window cleaner, but our upstairs neighbours use one. And he used to look like Steptoe. Anyway, it’s not Steptoe anymore, but I still must get clean!

    12.45pm Emerge from the FASTEST SHOWER IN THE WORLD to a freezing house. Hop about and get dressed as fast as I can.

    12.47pm No sign of any window cleaner and I feel like a fool. I decide I am in a really bad mood.

    1.30pm Lee arrives home with rolls. I am happy again. We eat egg and cheese rolls. I enjoy my cheese roll with a ton of salad cream. Diet starts Monday I decide.

    2pm Potter about the house, reading, checking email and tidying up.

    3.30pm Rush off with Lee to get his eyes tested.

    3.40pm Lee gets his eyes tested. I like the Opticians we go to. They are very nice people I decide. Enjoy cheap, frivolous celeb magazines whilst Lee gets his eyes tested and keep an eye out for parking wardens. (Parking restrictions on a Saturday – hello madness?!?)

    4pm Have a giggle with Lee as he tries on a zillion pairs of glasses. Get slightly jealous. I have 20/20 vision, but after trying on a couple of pairs I remember why I love having 20/20 vision – I don’t have to wear glasses!

    4.15pm Lee cannot chose a pair and decides to look another time. Takes his prescription away. We go to the deli for dips and olives and yummy mini pastries. I run off along to Watermelon (vintage shop) for a quick scout and though I fall in love with a purple cape, decide I need to curb my spending.

    4.45pm Arrive home. Lounge about watching tv programmes I’ve taped on my super-duper but slightly dodgy freeview recorder.

    6pm Lee dozes on the sofa and I write some of my monthly book review.

    6.30pm I do dishes and Lee starts preparing for our Greek food night. I do obligatory mini-Greek dance in the kitchen but restrain myself from smashing the Denby.

    7pm The Greek platter is complete and we stuff our faces. Watch a cheesy reality music show and more recorded tv.

    10.10pm My least favourite moment of the week – football highlights. I type up book review on the laptop.

    11.30pm Watch yet another food programme and remind ourselves how podgy our stomachs are getting. Debate whose gut is faster growing. Note to self – diet starts Monday.

    And that is the sum total of my day. Not very glam or life changing.

    I’m still getting to grips with WordPress. I do love it much more than Blogger. Take a wee look at my up and coming Grand Plan. I know if I blog this I will feel obliged to complete it.

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