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It was Lee’s 30th birthday yesterday. I cannot believe he has left his twenties behind! Over the last week I’ve been thinking a lot about the past; how we first met, what we used to do, who we used to hang out with. It’s amazing the memories that pop up: teenage walks in the park, fancy dress parties, nights at the local social club and those awkward moments where you are learning to co-exist with another person. I feel a great comfort knowing someone so well, and we’ve shared some hilarious times together. I’ve known Lee since he was 18 and I teased him that this is the last year he can go on an 18-30 holiday. I think he is missing out on a good time. Maybe….

I baked Lee a birthday cake. It turned out spectacularly bad – sunken and a bit salty tasting. I rushed to bake a lemon sponge – by this point Lee arrived home. It was un-iced and still cooling but he didn’t mind. It’s the thought that counts. So we shared a bottle of champagne (though I’m sure I drank more than he did, I certainly felt it this morning) and a stunning dinner, cooked by the birthday boy himself – fresh mussels in white wine and onion sauce, fried halloumi, smoked salmon and salad. Note the small salt and pepper grinders – they are magnetic and look like wee rabbits! How cool. A birthday treat for Lee, a salt and pepper-a-holic.


I am starting to realise how much I now blog about food. (Note to self: indulge in other hobbies than just eating. )

After lots of food and drink I found a stylish use for a champagne top Рa sovereign ring! Perhaps we are not so grown-up after-all.

This month I’ve been having the strangest and most vivid dreams – last night was a treat…I dreamt I had my teeth whitened. It started with me looking into one of those mirrors you find in theatre dressing rooms, surrounded by beaming lightbulbs. A crowd of my friends and family stood over my shoulder ready for my first smile…and BAM – I smile, my teeth blindingly white, brighter than bright, like some Hollywood doll. Everyone oooohed. Yet I found the effect of smiling or even opening my mouth lead to beams of light streaming from my face. It was un-nerving to say the least. It was like being Tom Cruise, leading the Scientologists, all in awe of my perfect smile. One person commented, “They are so much better than Colleen McLaughlin’s teeth” as if it were proof of my superiority. How random; I wonder what you dreamed about last night reader? I’m tagging anyone that reads this blog to write a blog on ‘What I dreamt about last night’. Just let me know by commenting so I can be nosey!

In a final note, here’s a photo just for Claire, who has been harassing me for blog posts (I’m so glad, it keeps the momentum going!). Her love for sock monkeys knows no bounds, so here’s a towel monkey as found by my parents on a cruise to the Far East.
towel monkey
He was hanging in their room one night.
My father felt something bump into his head and¬†looked up to find this cheeky fiend. What a work of art. I can barely tie a sarong, let alone make a towel animal. At least I know my limits. I wonder if I’d find a towel monkey on an 18-30 holiday?


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