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The daffodils are now out in force in my front garden. Against the green hedge they are bold yellow and sway alongside the green shoots which have failed to flower. Little blue flowers are peaking out of the pots, though less than I hoped; I blame my local squirrel for rummaging and messing about with my bulbs.

I’m hoping to use my vintage flower press (given to me by Lee for Christmas) to preserve some of the flowers – I must remember to cut some before they die. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the flowers once they are dry. I imagine they will look sweet on cards – but any other ideas would be welcome. Last year I had my wedding bouquet dried and some of the flowers framed. I collected them from Bonnyton Designs a couple of weeks ago. The result is pretty and a nice keepsake. I can’t remember the names of all the flowers used, but I love the blue thistles and roses together – fresh they were luscious and dried they have an aged, vintage look. The lady from Bonnyton Designs rather kindly gave me a large box containing the rest of the wedding flowers, dried and ready to use. Any more ideas? They are not flattened, just dried. I would like to reuse them as I love their colour and texture.

On a less flowery note, I don’t have much gossip. My leisure time has been filled with easy entertainment – TV. Perfect. Shallow, clever, glossy, realistic, mysterious, glamourous. Whatever. My current favourites include: Dexter, Point Pleasant, Gossip Girl, Torchwood and the Apprentice. BBC iplayer is my friend. The latest series of Lost is amazing! Still frustrating as ever, but a pain I’m willing to endure as the mystery unfolds or gets more tangled.

As part of the re-organising plan, we have a new printer set up and ready to go. It was £35 but looks rather snazzy. It is incredibly hard choosing a basic, good quality printer so I resorted to the same model my parents own. Though I am rather sad to see my old printer go. It’s been a trooper, here from the year 2000 when we first moved to Glasgow. It managed to grunt and groan its way into printing our wedding invitations and thank you cards. It survived many art projects and CV prints, university essays and song tabs. Like a grumpy old man, it did make a fuss when prompted to print – back and forth several times before deciding to take the paper, then pause, not take the paper and start all over again. Sadly, I have resorted to personifying my printer. Once more my sentimentality is getting out of control…



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