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Here’s a belated Day in the Life, sorry for delaying the process!

Our Day in the Life was spent at Peasebay, a lovely caravan park between Dunbar and Berwick Upon Tweed. Lee’s Mum and Dad hired a caravan for the week and we joined them for two nights.

Ready to travel.

Ready to travel

Note the suitcase is bulging. Due to typical Scotish weather we didn’t have a clue what to take – so we took everything.


We arrived to a stunning view and more importantly, Morgan the dog looking sad and cute. She can be described in three words: sooky, doe-eyed and hungry.

Twee caravan

The caravan was filled with twee little ornaments and nick-nacks. It was rather sweet and just what you expect a Scottish caravan to be.

A walk on the beach after dinner. Great fun playing with Lee’s new camera.

I was so happy to see the sea! It felt like I’d not been near a beach in years.

I love the pretty yellow colour. We had fun in the sand dunes trying to take this photo.

Getting the sand out my ballet pumps.

A windbreaker in front of a caravan.

Doesn’t everyone love a traditional phone box?

We joined Jeanie and Bill (parents-in-law) in the caravan park social club. Jeanie had just finished playing bingo. I was delighted to find that my favourite pear cider was for sale! We enjoyed the band and had a wee dance at the end of the night.

A wee swift half when we got back to the caravan. Lots of giggling and nibbling food. Jeanie and I sat gassing for ages. The next day I was dying of a hangover and the cold. We went for a short drive around the nearby countryside.

Ignore my dodgy fringe. I am Big Chief. How.

I nominate Alice to pick the next day in the life.

All photographs copyright Lee Black (www.leeblack.co.uk).


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