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Nest of wires 

Why do wires secretly breed into nests of black spirals? I sometimes imagine they are occupied by an electrical spider or beetle with a hard plastic shell. Something about a tangle of wires makes me nervous.

I cleared out the hall cupboard yesterday. On going through the electrical box, I found we had several strange looking wires in there – with no idea what they were for. One we worked out was for a mobile phone, probably the first one I ever owned. HUGE. And I found no less than 5 phone/modem connectors. There were many oddities to be found in the cupboard: puncture repair kits, mini-travel fan and a poster of a man in pants from Minx magazine (circa 1996 and I am blushing that I still have this!).

My bookcases have been scoured and I’ve built up a little pile of books to read and will probably pass on to friends: 

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Leading the Cheers by Justin Cartwright

The Colour by Rose Tremain

The Transformation by Catherine Chidgey

Heat Wave by Penelope Lively

I’ll let you know how I get on, I’m currently reading the fifth Harry Potter book and quite enjoying it. I like each book more as the series goes on. I was always snobby when it came to Harry Potter books and refused to read them. But recently I realise how much my childhood books intrigue me; the hypnotic lilt of The Song of Hiawatha and the bleakness of Marianne Dreams, so I decided to give Harry Potter a try. Overall, I’ve liked the series, but my one major complaint – not enough imagery. After watching the films I had expected the imagery to be detailed and vivid – exaggerated characters similar to those in a Dickens novel, or the more childish but wickedly grotesque descriptions from Roald Dahl. I like characters to sit inside my head, to itch or make me smile later on when i remember a snapshot of a scene. Maybe my imagination is not so vivid now I’ve grown up. I wonder if Harry Potter would have flown through my daydreams if I was still eight.

On the bookcase I found my copy of All Families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland. I love the final words in this book:

“Sarah, answer me this – if you were to be out in space, and if you threw an object down to Earth, it would burn through the atmosphere on reentry, wouldn’t it?


“Good.” She handed Sarah the ponytail. “Do that for me, dear.”

“What – throw it down to Earth?”

“Yes, dear.”

“But why?”

“Because people will look up to its trail when it falls down. The won’t know it, but it’ll be me they’re looking at.!


And they’ll think they’ve just seen a star.” 

The sentiment often pops into my head, it had a strong impact on me. And I like a book to haunt me.

With my wires now untangled, I’m off to curl up and read.


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Snowdrops 2
Just hiding under the hedge, sheltering from the wind and rain, lie these two little clusters of snowdrops. It feels like they are my private flowers, as they can only be seen from my side of the hedge; a wee delight in the dark days of January. My parents helped me plant a lot of bulbs in autumn. We already had many spring bulbs under the hedge and scattered around the garden, but I wanted to cram even more colour and life into my daily view.

I continued with my Grand Spring Clean this week. My progress is good and I’ve updated my list. I’ve cleared and organised the sideboard and arranged bags for the charity shop. I had fun wrestling with the craft cabinet this afternoon. I love my craft cabinet, it’s from Ikea and is like a locker. I always longed for a locker at school, but most Scottish schools don’t have them. So I indulge myself and stick photos of my favourite singer, horses and my nephews on the inside of the door. Here it is before the clear out – ready to explode with wool and beads.
Craft cabinet before

It took me ages to clear out but I feel very satisfied – I can see where everything is! It’s so much better and I am hoping it will encourage me to craft more. Behold – the final result –
Craft cabinet after

The red suitcase now holds the majority of my wool. It’s great having a clear through old craft things. I found some old knitting patterns and some fantastic buttons I’d forgotten about. I also found a space for these pretty buttons Lee gave me for Christmas.

I love buttons and hoard them like a squirrel with peanuts. I’d much rather find a bag of vintage buttons in my Christmas stocking than a shiny diamond. What a low maintenance wife I am.

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